3.0 beta 2

Getting Started

Welcome to ActiveWidgets 3! This guide explains how ActiveWidgets library works and how you can build application UI using ActiveWidgets components.

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What is ActiveWidgets?

ActiveWidgets is a javascript library for creating user interfaces. It comes with a collection of common UI components (datagrid, lists, tabs, buttons, menus etc.), which can be directly inserted into the existing HTML or assembled into functional blocks or complete screens.

It is not necessary to be a javascript expert to work with ActiveWidgets. Most common tasks will require just minimal amount of code as the library encourages using declarative techniques wherever it makes sense (JSON configs for the interactive components, HTML templates for the static content and layout, CSS for the visual appearance).

ActiveWidgets is intended for the enterprise developers, or anyone who requires the UI to handle large amount of data, especially using datagrid components. If you are building screens with large or multiple datagrids and your main concern is UI speed and responsiveness - than this library is exactly for you. ActiveWidgets main goal is to offer excellent performance for complex screens with large amount of data while staying simple, compact and easy to learn.


  • IE8+ or any recent version of Chrome/Safari/Firefox
  • Standards mode doctype (quirks mode not supported, but border-box model is fine)
  • No external dependencies (jQuery not required, but plays well together)
  • Any kind of backend (Java/.NET/PHP/Ruby/static files are ok).


To try ActiveWidgets you don't have to install anything. Just include links to the hosted demo-version files:

<link href="http://cdn.activewidgets.com/demo/3/ax.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="http://cdn.activewidgets.com/demo/3/ax.js"></script>

Alternatively you can download the complete package (including examples and documentation) and deploy the files locally.

For the actual development work you should purchase a licensed copy of the library.


ActiveWidgets is a commercial product and offers royalty-free developer licenses.


ActiveWidgets library is a product developed by ActiveWidgets SARL - a small software company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first version of the library was released in 2003. It was since deployed in production in government, military, banking, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing and many other industries by thousands of commercial customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.